Our Team

Based in Joshua Tree, Southern California’s legendary creative hub, we are continually awed and inspired by our national park backdrop. We bring that everyday inspiration to our craft, integrating creativity and strategy, individuality and a global consciousness.

Ventlas is supported by a team of talented
specialty contractors, with areas of expertise including:

marketing and promotions 

communications and writing
business strategy, development and consultancy
social and digital media
balanced lifestyle consultancy and team enrichment
internal/external relations 
event planning and execution 
graphic and web design, storyboarding, transcription
video production and editing
music composition and sound design
foundational strategy
purchasing and product mix

project management

About the Founder

Robin Zimmermann has worked in the communications, marketing and development arenas for 15+ years. Whether performing local wine demonstrations or presenting branding efforts to national food retailers, Robin thrives wearing multiple hats and cultivating unique business relationships. She has served as a marketing and communications director, business development consultant, operations manager, social media specialist, writer/editor, buyer and sales representative to an eclectic industry mix that includes wine and natural food retail, environmental conservation and tourism, music sales and production, magazine and digital publications, and start-up ventures.

Robin additionally contributes her skills as a university guest lecturer, business development panelist, committee participant, public speaker and advisor, and is an ongoing sustainability advocate. She was honored with a fellowship from Sundance Institute, and received an “outstanding salesperson” award from Kawai America Corporation. Robin holds a B.A. in communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a B.B.A in marketing from Boise State University.